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"It's marvelous, fabulous. We love it! It's a no-nonsense, easy-to-use, efficient shredder."
"This appliance makes food scrap rescue easy, clean, hassle-free and stylish while speeding the organics recovery cycle"
“We will be using the Green Cycler for years to come, I can already tell it’s going to help us jump right into the composting game and make our household a lot more ‘green’”
"I love this machine. I can prep food and get rid of the scraps fast. Much faster and easier than anything else I've ever tried to do with composting"
"I love this!! It is perfect for my small garden"
"My husband and I have definitely been using our new favorite kitchen “appliance” and we’re pretty excited to be able to have quicker results than what we’ve been having"
"I received my green cycler on Saturday and am so excited! I shredded every scrap in sight!"
"I like that it doesn’t use electricity to power it (just husband power)"
"I have my own Green Cycler and I LOVE it!! Perfect way to get your family going in the composting direction"
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