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Super Green ZeoPacks


Super Green ZeoPacks

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Super-green recyclable filter made from volcanic zeolite crystals. Nature’s super-effective odor magnet.


Natures #1 odor & moisture filter! Super Green ZeoPacks

The perfect filter for every kitchen…or sport’s bag.

Take the stink out of any shoe or bag! Naturally freshen pet spaces. Keep food fresh longer.

Use the power of nature to keep your Green Cycler fresh!

Super Green Zeo Packs are made from 100% natural, toxin-absorbing zeolite–a molecule so powerful it’s used in nuclear cleanup! These super-effective filters can be recharged over-and-over.

Refresh your Zeo Pack? Simply hang in direct sunlight for a few hours to release the moisture and odor trapped inside.

Replace your Zeo Pack? Just snip the metal hanger off your filter and toss both the bag and zeolite into your compost pile.


Sun-Charged Odor & Moisture Magnet

Reusable for years!

100% natural filter

100% safe for people & pets

100% recyclable




Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 4 × .5 in


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