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Green Cycler Basic Black

Make healthy compost fast!
Make healthy compost fast!Green Cycler Basic Blackimage

Green Cycler Basic Black


Green Cycler Basic Black

The first kitchen pre-composter.
Super-effective food scrap shredder and recycling system.

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The simple, timeless Green Cycler Basic Black fits in with any kitchen design.

Pinnacle Award Winner at the National Hardware Show

Green-Cycler-PinnacleAward-BLACKnoShadowThe first kitchen pre-composter.

Super-effective food scrap shredder and recycling system

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Weight 8.9 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 14 x 13 in

4 reviews for Green Cycler Basic Black

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    We absolutely love this thing! My husband shreds everything that he can get his hands on.

    — C. King, Lakewood, CO

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    We’ve been composting for year and this has greatly reduced the amount of work involved. THANK YOU. New York is thinking about picking up food scraps, but my neighbors will continue to bring theirs over to shred in my green cycler.

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    I just had to write to say it’s marvelous, fabulous. We love it! It’s a no-nonsense, easy-to-use, efficient shredder, and, with the help outside of a tumbling composter barrel, we’ve already had great compost.

    So thanks for a great, great product!

  4. :

    My husband and I have definitely been using our new favorite kitchen “appliance” and we’re pretty excited to be able to have quicker results than what we’ve been having. The word has spread through our office!

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