Save the earth. Recycle food scraps.


The Green Cycler’s Features

The first kitchen pre-composter.

Super-effective food scrap shredder and recycling system

Green Cycler features a harmony of design and purpose

  • Sleek profile and smart, upscale styling
  • Self-contained, stainless-steel blade cartridge system snaps in and out for quick clean-up
  • Hand-operated, dual-direction grinding action ensures optimal shredding results
  • Fully removable lid features a clear viewing window that gives you a birds-eye view of the shredding action
  • Lever-activated, industrial-strength suction cups keep Green Cycler anchored while you shred
  • Micro-vented throughout to help reduce odor-causing bacteria & promote quick decomposition
  • Designed for easy clean-up. All components dishwasher safe
  • Inner-compartment holds optional odor and pest repellent filters
  • On the counter: designed to fit neatly against your backsplash and under upper cabinets
  • Under the counter: perfectly sized to be tucked out of site under the sink or in a cabinet

Innovative EcoDrawer

  • Sliding storage drawer’s comfort-grip handle and pour-spout feature make it easy to carry and simple to empty and clean
  • EcoDrawer’s air-flow-wave design optimizes circulation and aerobic decomposition
  • Built-in retainers securely hold optional compostable liners or bags

General Specifications

  • Size and Weight: 12 7/8”H x 14 3/8”W  x 12 1/8”D; 7 lbs
  • EcoDrawer Capacity: One gallon shredded material
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Multiple patents pending


Phone: (855) 432-6866
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