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The Green Cycler Cast

Green Cycler and the Compostables


The Compost Diva

diva4You may think she’s your newest acquaintance, but you’ve actually known her for quite a while. She’s that little voice in your head that chants “Compost… compost… compost…” every time you think about throwing food scraps in the trash or garbage disposal. The Compost Diva has extensive knowledge about the wonderful world of composting. She will do anything to get you to adopt her vision, and she is determined to make you a fan. She is strong, confident, knowledgeable, inspirational, and full of humorous composting-related stories based on her own personal experiences. She’s the epitome of a true DIVA: Dedicated, Intelligent, Vivacious, and Amusing – – all at the same time!


As the leader of the bunch, Carrot Man has always got a keen eye on whats cookin’ with the rest of the gang. He’s a certified “chopper” and puts it to good use, too. He can fly the rest of the group to the Garden Party without breaking a sweat! He is all about business, though, he doesn’t carrot all about anything but getting his buds to the Garden Party.


Ms. Carrot

She and Carrot could not be more different! While he’s all business, she’s all party. Garden Party that is. She’s a little ditsy, but that just makes her all the more endearing to her friends at the Garden Party.


The Apple Bros

This dynamic duo rolled onto the scene ages ago and no one has been able to peel them away since.  They’ve been featured in numerous films; if you ask us, it is because they’re so appealing. At their core, they just want to go to the Garden Party.



This guy has in-spear-ed many with his many roles. However, he’s perhaps better known for the outspoken posse he always has present with him. This guy loves to travel in bunches when he’s heading to the Party. Just Look to him for tips on how to make it to the Garden Party.


Ms. Banana

She’s a slippery one, Ms. Banana. Maybe that’s why Banana dude has such a tough time holding her down. But if there’s one thing you can be certain of when it comes to Ms. Banana, its that she loves a party. Especially a Garden Party!



Ever since finding himself in the bottom of a sticky banana split with Ms. Banana, he’s fallen head over peels. Though banana dude is a star in his own right, its clear that the only thing he wants more than to attend the Garden Party is a chance with Ms. Banana



She’s a sassy, brassy, brazen broccoli with a good head on her shoulders. She’s has a heart of gold, but gets steamed if she cannot make it with her friends to the Garden Party on time!



You’ve got to watch out for cucumber, because he can just come apart at the slightest thing. But if you find yourself going to the Garden Party, he’s the man to get you there in a jiffy!



Veggie gone bad! He likes to bring his spicy persona to the Garden Party and spice up the action!



He’s too cool for school, so he skips it to party. Well Garden Party. He loves a good practical joke, especially when they’re aimed at his buddy Cucumber. He’s hard to get Orange back though, because he can peel out of there faster than anyone!

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