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Can You Compost in the Snow? 3 Winter Composting Tips

Can You Really Compost During Winter? 3 Tips for Composting With or Without a Pile  Can you compost in the winter? Yes of course!  Nature never takes a day off. The friendly bacteria that turn leaves, food scraps, or anything organic into compost are like Santa’s elves—they work

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Thanksgiving Leftovers: 2 Easy Food Recycling Tricks

Jello Casserole

Make your Thanksgiving waste free with these simple tips.

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Dear Compost Diva… Why Do I Need a Green Cycler?

Dear Compost Diva, I’ve got a perfectly good garbage disposal. Why do I need a Green Cycler? Signed, Lovin’ My Garbage Disposal ————————————————- Dear Lovin’ My Garbage Disposal, The garbage disposal is an interesting device. While it appears to be a miraculous grinder that causes food scraps

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Tips on Creating a Zero Waste Kitchen

Hello fellow composters! Hope 2013 is off to a good start for all of you! I’m willing to bet my Green Cycler that many of you made a new year’s resolution to create a Zero Waste Kitchen this year. Right? How’s it been going? Are you finding

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