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The path to happiness is dirty hands!

Compost can help save your sanity (or at least make a positive contribution). Turns out that getting your hands dirty in the garden has demonstrated mood-lifting benefits. The dirt-mood connection surfaced several years ago when Dr. Christopher Lowry and colleagues injected harmless soil bacteria (M. vaccae) into mice.

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Watermelon Rinds Changed My Life

koi eating watermelon

Will They Help Save the Planet?   It’s summer barbeque season, and tons of watermelon rinds are showing up in my compost pile reminding me how the humble melon changed the course of my life. My kids are huge watermelon fans, in fact, so are my dogs

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75 Things You Can Compost (and what to leave out of your pile)

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of composting and reducing green waste however possible. We practice hot composting, sheet composting and worm composting with our kitchen and yard waste. But just when we thought we knew all there was to know about what to put

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Shredding – the Secret to Faster Compost

As we put finishing touches on the Green Cycler’s design and move into full-scale production, I’m continually amazed at how excited people get about our “bright green compost-eating machine.” I’ve been spontaneously hugged by folks when they hear about a key feature of Green Cycler –the ability

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Hard-Working Worms

Worms work hard to create compost. But are you working too hard to feed your wigglers? I’ve been a big fan of worms since they started showing up by the thousands and raising their wiggly families in my compost piles. (Compost purists, please don’t scoff. I KNOW

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A “Slop Bucket” in Every Home?

The British press reported today that the UK’s coalition government is set to require every household in the country to use a “slop bucket” to recycle green scraps. While we applaud the UK’s noble effort to achieve a “zero-waste economy” and be the “greenest ever” government, there’s

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