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Raising Green Kids: The Trick is Getting Their Hands Dirty

Help your kids get excited about compost. It’s an easy step that will boost your garden and green your home.

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Benefits of Shredding

Green Cycler’s key feature–the ability to shred and grind food scraps to a fraction of their original size. When you think about it, there are plenty of ways to store organic waste in preparation for recycling, worms or compost. But, the glaring gap in other systems (and

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Dear Compost Diva… What is Leachate?

Dear Compost Diva, I’m a college student. Last week during my environmental studies class my professor spent an entire lecture discussing landfills. Not only did he talk about them, but he also showed us some pretty graphic pictures of them too (Eeek!). I found the whole hour-long

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Watermelon Rinds Changed My Life

koi eating watermelon

Will They Help Save the Planet?   It’s summer barbeque season, and tons of watermelon rinds are showing up in my compost pile reminding me how the humble melon changed the course of my life. My kids are huge watermelon fans, in fact, so are my dogs

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A “Slop Bucket” in Every Home?

The British press reported today that the UK’s coalition government is set to require every household in the country to use a “slop bucket” to recycle green scraps. While we applaud the UK’s noble effort to achieve a “zero-waste economy” and be the “greenest ever” government, there’s

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Anaerobic vs. Aerobic (Stinky vs. Non-Stinky)

Stinky Containers = Anaerobic Conditions Bacteria propagates without oxygen or water and smells like rotten eggs. Examples of this are airless containers and crocks. Odorless (or minimal odor) Containers = Aerobic Conditions Bacteria propagates with oxygen and any odor is rich and pleasant. Examples of this are the Green

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