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Raising Green Kids: The Trick is Getting Their Hands Dirty

Help your kids get excited about compost. It’s an easy step that will boost your garden and green your home.

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Can You Compost in the Snow? 3 Winter Composting Tips

Can You Really Compost During Winter? 3 Tips for Composting With or Without a Pile  Can you compost in the winter? Yes of course!  Nature never takes a day off. The friendly bacteria that turn leaves, food scraps, or anything organic into compost are like Santa’s elves—they work

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Thanksgiving Leftovers: 2 Easy Food Recycling Tricks

Jello Casserole

Make your Thanksgiving waste free with these simple tips.

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Fall Compost = Garden Success

While many people are finished gardening come fall, experienced gardeners take advantage of autumn by seizing the moment and gathering materials for composting. They know the raked leaves and spent garden clippings they compost this fall will create rich soil for next year’s garden. Why compost in

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Prepare Your Garden Soil With Organic Compost Year After Year!

Are you ready for summer? Summer is here, which means if you’re planning a garden (for flowers, vegetables, herbs, or the like), your soil better be prepared for success! The best way to guarantee your garden will look its best and yield the most favorable results is

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Ever Wonder Why Are Earthworms So Great?

The only time the average person is likely to see a multitude of earthworms is after a rain storm when they are squirming around on sidewalks trying to make their way back into the ground. It can seem like a nuisance when too many of them are

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