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Reduce Food Waste Using These Easy Steps

food-waste-imageTrue or False? 

Food waste that is not composted is not destructive when it’s thrown into a trash can or down a garbage disposal.

The answer is False.

It is a misconception that food waste is not harmful to the environment. Most people are under the impression that non-composted food scraps will disintegrate naturally over time. In reality, food scraps that are either thrown away or placed in the garbage disposal ultimately end up in landfills. When food scraps are placed in landfills, there is not sufficient access to the light and air that are needed in order for the scraps to disintegrate property. This causes excessive levels of methane gas to develop – and the result is accelerated global warming.

According to the website, the average American home (consisting of a family of four) throws away 122 pounds of food each month. And that’s just what’s thrown away in private residences. Think about all the food waste that occurs in restaurants! Most of this food waste ultimately ends up in landfills.

There are so many things that the average person can do to prevent such staggering food waste statistics. Here are some tips on what you can to do to simply and easily lower the amount of food waste that you throw away or put in your garbage disposal. Your efforts will not cost you much time and very little money, but they will yield extraordinary benefits.

Don’t over-buy food at the grocery store. If you’re like most people, you don’t like spending excessive time in grocery stores every week so you tend to over-buy what you think you will need. This can work out well if you are buying canned or frozen items. But this shopping method does not work well when you purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. If you over-buy fresh food, it often becomes rotten before it’s eaten. This leads to throwing spoiled food into the trash.

Evaluate the contents of your refrigerator on a weekly basis. Is your fridge packed with food? Many people have a routine of visiting the grocery store once a week regardless of how much food is already in their refrigerators. As a result, they usually end up buying food that they don’t actually need. Make sure to take an inventory of the food you already have before you buy more.

Re-purpose unused food. Many people are turned off at the idea of eating leftovers. But there are plenty of choices when it comes to using leftover food as ingredients in new dishes/meals. Not only will this tactic reduce the amount of food waste you and your family produce, but it will save you money at the grocery store.

Start using the Green Cycler to create pre-compost material. The Green Cycler is a revolutionary kitchen food scrap shredder and recycling system that shreds a broad spectrum of kitchen scraps to an ideal size for composting or feeding a worm bin. It’s optimal for the parts and pieces of fruits and vegetables that cannot be used as food (such as apple cores, the rinds of pineapples and avocado seeds)!

Do you have any great ideas on how others can reduce their food waste? If so, e-mail them to and we will publish them as soon as we’ve compiled a helpful list!

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