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Prepare Your Garden Soil With Organic Compost Year After Year!

soilAre you ready for summer? Summer is here, which means if you’re planning a garden (for flowers, vegetables, herbs, or the like), your soil better be prepared for success! The best way to guarantee your garden will look its best and yield the most favorable results is to incorporate it with the appropriate amount of organic compost year after year.

The “Perfect Soil” is Hard to Find in Nature

Despite all the loving care you take when tending your garden, it’s almost impossible (if not completely unrealistic) to believe soil can maintain the proper nutrients needed to support a thriving backyard garden for years on end without a little bit of extra help. When plants grow in a garden they derive nutrients from the soil in order to garner the nourishment that they need to survive and flourish. But once nutrients are depleted, they must be manually re-added to the soil by way of organic material in order to restore a healthy balance. The most effective way to restore soil can be accomplished by incorporating compost.

Besides providing nutrients, the addition of organic compost to garden soil also facilitates the following:

  • It loosens the soil.
  • It aerates the soil.
  • It helps the soil absorb both water and nutrients.
  • It attracts worms to the garden.
  • It helps create beneficial fungi in the garden, which assists plants in their growth process.

Start Adding Compost to Soil as Soon as Possible

It is never too late to add compost to your garden’s soil, but the sooner you start the process, the better. Also, the more frequently you add compost to your soil, the healthier your soil will remain long-term. But keep in mind that when you add organic compost to soil that is already supporting the growth of plants, you must use great care to not disturb the roots of young seedlings.

Make Your Soil the Best it Can Be!

It’s simple to purchase a bag of fertilizer from a hardware store and add it to your soil. Pre-packaged fertilizer is a popular choice for new, inexperienced gardeners. But the best possible way to improve your soil is by using organic compost that is made entirely from your very own kitchen scraps, old newspapers, recyclable items that you’d normally place in a recycling bin, and other materials that exist naturally in your front or back yard (such as leaves and garden clippings). Most of these items are basic and easy to acquire. It is extremely simple to make your own organic compost, and it’s even easier to take your homemade compost and return it to the earth – – while at the same time benefiting from the incredible natural power of homemade organic compost to create a beautiful and thriving garden in your very own yard.

The Green Cycler

Making compost is not as difficult as it sounds. All it requires is a small bit of knowledge and the right tools to get the job done in the easiest manner possible. For the most part, compost will create itself naturally as long as the correct ingredients are added to the mix. The Green Cycler is a nifty little hand-cranked appliance designed to make the compost-making process extremely simple. It allows you to chop all of your organic kitchen scraps into very small pre-compost pieces that are the perfect size for your compost pile. The process is fast, clean, easy, and efficient!

Different Types of Soil

Depending on the region in which you live, your garden likely has naturally occurring soil that is sandy, clay-like, rocky, dry, or very moist. But no matter which type of soil you have, the addition of organic homemade compost will assist in your garden’s success. It’s important to keep in mind that you should commit to making a long-term investment in your garden. A “long-term investment” does not mean you must spend a lot of money! It is simply a matter of incorporating organic homemade compost into your soil year after year in order to help it yield the optimal results. So, it’s important to get started right away! What are you waiting for?

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  1. Another really good way to get compost going is a compost tea. I have one I made from kitchen scraps in my garage, but another way to do it is to use a starter – a good priced one can be found here: It’s a really good one, and it’s inexpensive: $9.75 for 5 pounds – PLENTY to make a compost tea. 🙂

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