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Million Tomato Compost Campaign Kicks Off With a HUGE Goal!

Million_Tomato_logoIf you love growing tomatoes as much as we do, you are going to be very interested in learning more about the U.S. Composting Council’s Million Tomato Compost Campaign.  The goal of this campaign is to grow one million tomatoes for community gardens and food banks!

The U.S. Composing Council (USCC) recently announced the launch of this campaign, which aims to “boost the soil health and growing power of community gardens across the country, while also growing healthy, fresh food for food pantries.”

To start the campaign, the USCC will help organize collaborations between compost manufacturers, restaurants/chefs, community gardens, and food pantries. Once the logistics in each community have been set, groups from each of these sectors will work together for the duration of the campaign.

For example, the compost manufacturers will work with community garden supervisors to ensure proper delivery of compost to the correct location. Another example involves a partnership between community garden supervisors and food bank administrators whereby the delivery of fresh tomatoes will ultimately be distributed to in-need individuals and families.

A celebrity chef by the name of Nathan Lyon is getting involved in the campaign as well. Mr. Lyon co-hosts a show on PBS called “Growing a Greener World,” and he also authored a cookbook called “Great Food Starts Fresh.” He has volunteered to provide tomato-based recipes to the people who receive the donated tomatoes through their local food banks.

One of the main facilitators of The Million Tomato Compost Campaign is a website called This site allows campaign participants to complete an online enrollment form. Included on the form is a list of participating compost producers. Participants can easily evaluate whether or not there are compost producers located in their vicinity. The website also explains the importance of community garden supervisors recording the number of tomatoes that grow in the donated compost because the facilitators of the campaign want to keep track of the total number donated. Their motto is: “We want everyone to know when we hit our 1,000,000 tomato goal….and beyond!”

Are Individual Gardeners Excluded from the Campaign?

The Million Tomato Compost Campaign is designed to assist in the collaboration of compost manufacturers, restaurants/chefs, community gardens, and food pantries. However, the U.S. Composting Council and the website both enthusiastically promote the importance of growing many vegetables at home and using organic compost to build healthy soil, which in turn produces healthier home-grown food. Many home composting tips are located on the site.

In Sum, What are the Overall Goals of the U.S. Composting Council?

  • Strives to promote the expansion, development, and promotion of the composting industry.
  • Encourages, supports, and performs research related to composting.
  • Promotes best management practices for the purpose of composting.
  • Establishes composting standards.
  • Educates professionals and the public about the benefits of composting and compost utilization.
  • Advocates for compost quality.
  • Develops training materials for composters.
  • Supports other companies/products that produce or manufacture composting-related products.

For individual gardeners and community gardeners alike, make sure to learn more about the Green Cycler. It’s one of the easiest and most effective hand-powered appliances you can use to get started creating successful pre-compost material perfect for any size garden!

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