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Kermit the Frog Was Wrong… It IS Easy Being Green!

KermitKermit the Frog is well-known for his famous song, “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

A blog on National Public Radio’s website states:

“This song epitomizes Kermit’s role as the sensitive hero, the not-so-fearless leader of the Muppets. He goes from “gosh, it’s rough being green” to “well, green’s not so bad” before discovering that green is the best thing ever.”

While Kermit’s song was not necessarily referring to living a modern-day “green” lifestyle, the song is an excellent metaphor for the contemporary meaning of Being Green – in terms of embracing a “green” and eco-friendly way of life.

Just as Kermit sings in his song: At first it might seem like living a green lifestyle is overwhelmingly difficult or challenging, but after a brief period of contemplation, the realization that being “green” is actually a great choice becomes overwhelmingly apparent!

The Green Cycler community loves seeing people who are living green. Living green is something that has spread like wildfire over the past couple of decades. As people see others adopt eco-friendly attitudes, they become intrigued. And as soon as they realize that living green is not difficult or overly time consuming, they become willing and excited about jumping on the bandwagon!

Deciding to live green is an admirable commitment to the environment. There are many little things that a single person can do that add up, and in turn, make a big difference. The website discusses the power of personal commitment:

“Each of us has the power through our daily decisions and lifestyle choices to make our homes and communities more environmentally friendly, but our power doesn’t end there.

It is encouraging to see how many cities across the United States (and the entire world) have implemented green attitudes and are making extreme efforts to support eco-friendly behaviors among residents and businesses. We can partially thank the advancement of technology and social media for assistance in spreading information about the green movement.

The website ranks the Top 10 Green Cities in the United States as follows:

1.      San Francisco, CA

2.      Portland, OR

3.      Seattle, WA

4.      Chicago, IL

5.      New York, NY

6.      Austin, TX

7.      Oakland, CA

8.      San Jose, CA

9.      Denver, CO

10.    Boston, MA

Several other websites on the internet also include Top Green City rankings, but the abovementioned cities are almost always included on each individual list. Each website uses its own set of criteria to compile the rankings, and the truth is that many of the largest (and smallest) cities in the world are putting forth wholehearted efforts to reduce air pollution, put in place recycling programs, develop community gardens, provide support to businesses that also promote eco-friendliness, and encourage educational programs and promotion campaigns on how individuals can help and get involved.

Without our actually telling you that you should aspire to look (or sing!) like Kermit the Frog, we do want to make sure you know that “being green” from an environmental perspective IS easy. Our product, the Green Cycler, is just one of many tools you can use to assist you in your dedication to Be Green.

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