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I Want You to Go Green!

eco_footprintsI want you to go green. Do you know what that means? If you think you know what it means but you’re not completely sure, take the following short quiz to see if you know the correct answer:

Question: What does “Go Green” mean?

a) It means you should “go” when a traffic signal turns green.

b) It means you should wear as much green clothing as possible so people begin to identify you with the color green.

c) It means you have made a commitment to be aware of the environment and work on ways to compost, recycle, and protect the planet in an eco-conscious manner.

Hint – For those of you who are not great at taking multiple choice quizzes, I will give you a clue: the longest answer is almost always the correct one!

I’m sure you’ve figured out that “c” is the correct response. So now that you know what it is, I want you to Go Green!

Going green is not as difficult as it sounds. It doesn’t mean you have to give up all of today’s modern conveniences and advances in technology and start living inside a hollow tree trunk. Going green is more of a mindset.

Here are some easy tips on how to start on the path to Going Green:

Be Smart: Learn as much as you can about the environment and the little steps you can take to help reduce pollution and your “carbon footprint.”

Be Responsible: Every person on the planet has a responsibility to treat the earth with respect and gratitude. This includes reducing waste and being as energy-efficient as possible.

Recycle: There is really no reason to believe that recycling takes much effort. It normally involves throwing recyclable trash into a separate bin from non-recyclable trash. It’s simple. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a recycling service, you can collect your recyclables in containers and plan to bring the items to a recycling facility once a month or so.

Compost: Re-using food scraps that can be composted is made much easier with the help of the Green Cycler. The Green Cycler is designed to help you create pre-compost material that can be used in so many environmentally friendly ways!

Reduce Waste: Make a conscious effort to purchase food items and other products that are in bulk and packaged wisely, not wastefully. And don’t throw away items that can be re-used or re-purposed!

Grow a Garden: Growing a large or even a small garden is great way to utilize the compost you create with the help of the Green Cycler. Gardens can be used to grow fresh and organic food! If you don’t have much space for a garden, you can still utilize compost for your indoor flower pots, or you can locate a community garden where you can donate your time and/or your valuable compost material.

Remain Committed: Leading a green lifestyle is not difficult or expensive, but it takes a certain level of commitment. Changing your mindset to “Green” is all it takes!

So, are you ready to Go Green? I sure hope so. There are so many websites and articles on the internet that have lots of information that will both inform and inspire you – such as and I’m confident that your decision to Go Green will be easy!

-Your Compost Diva

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