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Dear Compost Diva… Why Do I Need a Green Cycler?

Dear Compost Diva, diva4

I’ve got a perfectly good garbage disposal. Why do I need a Green Cycler?


Lovin’ My Garbage Disposal


Dear Lovin’ My Garbage Disposal,

The garbage disposal is an interesting device. While it appears to be a miraculous grinder that causes food scraps to magically disappear, it’s actually a contraption that encourages people to push their unwanted food scraps down their drains. And while the garbage disposal is definitely a highly sought-after modern-day convenience, it’s also a problematic piece of machinery!

Once food scraps are ground and flushed out, people’s attitudes often become “out of sight, of out mind!” The food is gone, right? It is now someone else’s problem? Wrong. Food that is discarded via a garbage disposal actually ventures on a long path in a journey from your kitchen to a landfill.

I’m not going to tell you that garbage disposals should be banned from existence. They do serve a specific purpose in most kitchens. For example, there are times when you’re washing really dirty dishes and tiny pieces of food end up in the sink that need a little bit of “encouragement” to make it all the way down the drain. But it’s senseless to use your garbage disposal as a trash can. I’ve actually seen people shove entire pineapples into their garbage disposal! In my mind, this practice is just not right!

When food is forced down the drain via garbage disposal, it makes its way through the sewage system to a water treatment plant. Food scraps are strained out of the water and eventually dumped into a landfill, which takes up space and creates methane gas as it completely decomposes – which is detrimental to the environment.

Why do you need a Green Cycler? I’m so glad you asked! Plain and simple, the Green Cycler allows you to avoid using your garbage disposal. So, instead of shoving your leftover food scraps down the drain to be chopped up by your garbage disposal and washed into the sewage system, you can easily grind the food scraps into a pre-compost material that is perfect to use in your garden, to nourish the worms in your worm bin, to add to your compost bin, or to feed your pets. And one of the best aspects of the system is that it was designed to eliminate odors!

So next time you think about forcing your food scraps down the drain, think again. Not only are you helping the environment when you use the Green Cycler instead of a garbage disposal, but you are helping to prevent clogged sinks and stopped up pipes. Is your garbage disposal currently broken? My advice is DO NOT replace it. Get a Green Cycler instead!

The Compost Diva

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