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Compost Made of Kitchen Scraps vs. Pre-Packaged Fertilizer: Does Your Garden Notice the Difference?

compost in handDoes your garden know the difference between compost made of pre-packaged fertilizer and compost that consists of kitchen scraps? To best answer this question, let’s first review the scenario from the perspective of the garden. If you were a garden, would you want to garner nutrients from a mixture that contains man-made chemicals, or would you prefer nutrients to come from an all-natural source?

Not all pre-packaged fertilizers contain harmful chemicals, but many do. The bottom line is this:   The healthiest possible component to add to your garden is compost made of unused kitchen scraps and organic yard waste. This type of compost provides a natural foundation for growing food, plants, and all the other foliage that grows in your garden.

Don’t Throw It Away!

Do you regularly throw coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells, apple cores, avocado seeds, pits, peels, stems of fruits and vegetables, and paper towels into your trash can or garbage disposal? If you answered yes, please read on!

Thanks to the recent invention of the Green Cycler, there is absolutely no need to throw these items away. Why? Because they can easily and effortlessly be converted into pre-compost material that will ultimately be transformed into organic fertilizer that will help your garden flourish.

In addition to transforming your food scraps into compost that will enrich your garden soil, your easy-to-create pre-compost will also:

  • Drastically reduce your household waste.
  • Minimize the amount of trash that ends up in landfills.
  • Result in better-tasting fruits and vegetables in your garden.
  • Help your plants, flowers, trees, and shrubbery to flourish and thrive.
  • Create a healthier environment for you, your friends, your neighbors, and the world!

It’s Really Not Very Complicated!

There are lots of different types of composting systems. Some are more complex than others, but most are extremely simple. The variation you choose is entirely up to you. No matter which method you select, you can rest assured that you are doing your part to reduce waste, help the environment, and ensure your success as a gardener.

Common Myths about Creating and Using Compost in your Garden:

It’s Difficult: False! Saving your kitchen scraps and incorporating them into your garden soil is almost effortless with the help of the Green Cycler. In your yard, a no-sweat approach with terrific results is to simply bury pre-composted kitchen scraps directly into a hole in your garden and let nature do the work.

It’s Smelly: False! In your kitchen, a well-designed scrap container will emit little or no smell. The key is oxygen, or really lack of oxygen. Smelly bacteria grow happily in the sealed environment of most crocks. Outside in your pile, compost should smell sweet like a forest floor. Bad odor is a sign that your compost is too wet or needs more oxygen. You can correct most odor problems by simply adding brown material (junk mail!) and giving your pile a turn with a pitchfork. .

It’s Messy: False! Well…not completely. Let’s face it. Food scraps are messy by their nature. Just make sure your scrap container is designed for easy clean-up. Outside, your compost pile should be no messier than anything else associated with gardening!

Why is Compost so Beneficial to a Garden?

Gardens nourished with compost are strong and resistant to disease. Rich in organic matter, compost improves soil structure, fertility, and nutrient-holding capacity. Perhaps the biggest benefit from compost is its value as a soil conditioner. It increases the water-holding capacity of soil, reducing how frequently you need to water while also significantly improving sandy and clay soils. Important plant-growth nutrients in compost, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, release slowly and are less subject to leaching.

From Kitchen to Garden

The easiest way to create compost is by making sure your kitchen food scraps are chopped into small sizes. This is where the Green Cycler comes into play. The Green Cycler is designed to slice all compostable kitchen scraps into optimal-sized pieces that are perfect for your compost pile or worm bin. It couldn’t be easier!

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