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Benefits of Shredding

Green Cycler’s key feature–the ability to shred and grind food scraps to a fraction of their original size.

When you think about it, there are plenty of ways to store organic waste in preparation for recycling, worms or compost. But, the glaring gap in other systems (and compost containers) is finding a convenient way to reduce the size of tough solids such as carrot tops, melon rinds, and apple cores. At the same time, finding a way to store them “ick-free” on your kitchen countertop.

Pre-Composting Creates Fast Results

Why is shredding so important?

Anybody who’s tried their hand at composting can tell you:   when you shred your green waste into smaller pieces, you give friendly composting organisms more surface area to “attack.” If you don’t shred your composting ingredients, especially in climates with short summers, you will re-visit your late-season watermelon rind and find it mostly intact months later. Throw a fully intact apple into the pile during the winter and you’ll still recognize its form come spring. No matter what your environment, shredding organic waste can expedite the composting process by 10 times, and, according to UC Berkeley, is “the key to successful composting.”

Many composters and green waste recyclers, like me, have sacrificed blenders, food processors and fingertips in the service of shredding and chopping. We’re delighted that so many people are excited about our grinding solution, because after all, that was one of the nagging problems in our own kitchen that drove us to create the Green Cycler.


As I’ve learned, there is a surprising array of people, besides composters and organic gardeners, that need a convenient solution for mincing their green waste. Since we debuted our Green Cyclers, we’ve received worldwide inquiries from people in pursuit of the grinding holy grail. Worm bin keepers, city chicken owners, zero-waste advocates, urban homesteaders, and many others are asking–where can I buy one?  I’m happy to report that we have since lined up United States production facilities and have sold thousands of Green Cyclers.

It’s early August in the Rockies and we are hard at work in the garden, beginning to see the delicious fruits and vegetables of our composting labors. All our kitchen scraps get shredded, composted and added to our garden soil. That’s shredding at work!

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