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Watermelon Rinds Changed My Life

Will They Help Save the Planet?


It’s summer barbeque season, and tons of watermelon rinds are showing up in my compost pile reminding me how the humble melon changed the course of my life.

My kids are huge watermelon fans, in fact, so are my dogs and the Koi fish in my pond. Years ago, we realized that shredding or pre-composting big watery rinds helped speed the composting process enormously, by giving bacteria and other friendly organisms more surface area to work on. Chopping a watermelon rind, however, takes a fair amount of elbow grease and is a slippery finger-endangering bother.

koi eating watermelon

Koi Love Watermelon

The shift happens

One day, I reached peak frustration with a pile of leftover rinds from giant kid-loving slices that could not be crammed into our compost crock. That sticky, fly-attracting bounty on my countertop literally drove me into action searching for a device to shred and store organic waste. Finding no other solution, we invented one: the Green Cycler. That’s the life-changing part of this story.

That sticky, fly-attracting bounty on my countertop literally drove me into action…

These days, my compost pile quickly transforms kitchen waste into rich, fluffy soil. With the Green Cycler easily shredding all the leftovers and by-products of summer fruit feasts, my melon-frustration is gone. And, what was once a messy crock overflowing with kitchen waste is now a tasteful countertop appliance that keeps rinds out of sight and eliminates funky smells and fruit flies.

More importantly, by creating a fun-to-use machine that looks terrific on a countertop or tucks neatly into a cabinet, we hope to create a new generation of composters and green-waste recyclers.  And, that’s the vital planet-saving part of this tale.


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