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Hard-Working Worms

Worms work hard to create compost. But are you working too hard to feed your wigglers?

I’ve been a big fan of worms since they started showing up by the thousands and raising their wiggly families in my compost piles. (Compost purists, please don’t scoff. I KNOW that a well-managed heap is generally too hot for happy worms.) But hot or not, my worm friends have made tons of rich wonderful compost. In turn, I’ve led more than a few innocent yard-guests to see their tiny worm babies cuddled up in empty egg crates and compostable carry-out containers.

Enthusiastic as I am, I wasn’t fully connected to the widespread vermiculture community until recently. Since designing and demonstrating our Green Cycler prototype at venues like West Coast Green we’ve talked to dozens of passionate vermiculturists. Worm farmers get excited about our bright green compost eating machine because it solves a huge problem–shredding food scraps into worm food! (Worm purists might chime in here that worms don’t actually eat food scraps–but that’s another topic.)

“My worms are gourmet—they prefer gazpacho.”

One of my favorite quotes from West Coast Green was “My worms are gourmet—they prefer gazpacho.” This particular worm farmer had a clever but time-consuming process for grinding and freezing worm food. She told us the Green Cycler would save her several hours a week in preparing food for her wiggly charges.

Worms at Work

Since our official introduction to the vermiculture community, we’ve become even bigger worm fans, and have seen dozens of informative and clever sites dedicated to worm farming.  A few of our favorites:


For the kids, is home of the “Worm Game” and “Worm Song”

Bentley, from redwormcomposting is a worm authority, “vermiholic” and my go-to reference for wormy answers

Todd Inman@wormexpert tweets helpful worm-composting hints to his 4,000 followers

Earn your “professional looking” diploma at Uncle Jim’s School of Composting and Vermiculture

Join the vermiculture community at the Garden Forums


Please let us know about other good worm resources!



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