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A “Slop Bucket” in Every Home?

The British press reported today that the UK’s coalition government is set to require every household in the country to use a “slop bucket” to recycle green scraps. While we applaud the UK’s noble effort to achieve a “zero-waste economy” and be the “greenest ever” government, there’s something deeply wrong with this picture…can you guess what it is?   Why yes!  It would be the “slop bucket”.

The Daily Mail article also reports that this move has not been without controversy, citing a “cool public reaction” initially and some concern about the proliferation of bins and bags needed to satisfy the new requirements. We absolutely empathize with the UK citizens who are loathe to keep a smelly, ugly bin in their beautifully appointed kitchens; in fact, frustration with our own smelly and hard-to-clean kitchen crocks was the very reason we were inspired to invent the Green Cycler.

The Green Cycler shreds and stores kitchen waste without mess, odor or pests and it is designed to be just as aesthetically pleasing as any other appliance on your countertop or under your kitchen counter. In the new green economy, where organic waste recycling will be the norm and often the law, inventions like the Green Cycler will be necessary to make being green more convenient and palatable to consumers. Like the sink did with the spittoon, we believe the Green Cycler will make the slop bucket obsolete.


Replace Your Slop Bucket With a Green Cycler

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