Save the earth. Recycle food scraps.

Why Green Cycler?

  • Compost 10-Times Faster
  • Powerful Eco-Friendly Shredding
  • Ick-Free Storage System
  • Easy Clean-Up Components
“I LOVE the Green Cycler” - Doreen Howard, Old Farmer’s Almanac
"If you haven’t heard about the Green Cycler then stop what you are doing and order one immediately." -
“No smell, no mess, and when it's full, you simply pull out the drawer by the handle and carry it to the compost pile.” - Jim Long, Long Creek Herbs
“If you compost, you’ve GOT to get one of these!” - Bob Tanem, host of In the Garden on San Francisco’s KSFO
“This food recycling system is ideal for organic gardeners, gardeners with small space gardens, and impatient gardeners.” - Jody Torpey,
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Food Scraps Gone Bad!

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